Coach's Approaches

Memento Mori. The Latin phrase serves as a reminder to treasure the moment we are in because it ends the same way for all of us. At the same time, quit whining. Whatever you're going through isn't going to kill you. At least it shouldn't.
You define who you are by what you do, which means your REACTION to what happens around you needs to be aligned with your MISSION and how you define yourself. Are you the person who always commits but doesn't deliver, or are you the guy who can always be relied upon?
One thing we know . . . we will experience challenges. We can MAKE our challenges in an effort to get stronger, and we can just wait for life throw some kind of challenge our way. Have we done what needs to be done to be ready for it? If we have, the challenges life sends us won't be as challenging.
Training in high temperatures have a GREATER PERFORMANCE IMPACT than training at altitude. So go out and EARN YOUR SWEAT.
Seeking pain will prepare us for the pain life inevitably brings. Combined with the strength of good people around, we can face adversity with a smile and conquer the world.
GIVE TEAM RULE 04: Momentum is magic and to create momentum you have to MOVE! You can't ESTABLISH or MAINTAIN momentum consistently without sufficient sleep. And CONSISTENCY EFFORT is the key to success. Intense engagement followed by intentional disengagement. BE STRONG! GIVE MORE!
GIVE TEAM RULE 03: Attack the Morning. CONQUER THE DAY! How you approach your morning sets the stage for the rest of your day.
GIVE TEAM RULE 02: Life is a team sport. DRAFT ACCORDINGLY! Who’s on YOUR team? Are they helping you get closer to your goals, or are they getting in the way? How can you find people who have done what you want or overcome similar challenges? Seek them out. Add value by helping them somehow. BE STRONG! GIVE MORE!
FREEDOM is being able to do what you want when you want to do it, and what better way to EXERCISE FREEDOM than by giving. Give Team Motto: No matter how little you have, you ALWAYS have something to give.
Give Team Rule 13: If the glass doesn't appear half full, JUST KEEP POURING. YOU control whether that glass is half full or not. And if it's not looking half full, then pour everything you can into what will get you to your goal until that glass overflows.


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