How Can I Help?

How Can I Help?

We're often asked, "HOW CAN I HELP?" And that depends on what you have to give. The Give Team has needs that require a financial commitment, so that's easy and there are a few ways we make that happen. But there are also other ways to engage.

  1. Give Team PayPal Account: @giveteam will get donations to Coach Mason for costs associated with workouts, post-workout meals, and costs to attend events (rental cars, fuel, food, any gear needs, any lodging needs, etc.)
  2. Give Team Venmo Account: @giveteam - and same as PayPal. Except it's Venmo.
  3. New Image Youth Center Donation Page: Click DONATE and select GIVE TEAM as your option. This should route should DEFINITELY be used for larger donations. As you may know, The Give Team is a New Image Youth Center program, and nearly all our team members have come from New Image.
  4. BUY Give Team Gear: The majority of the items you see listed for sale are "drop shipped," which means they're made to order. From a financial perspective, that means there isn't much profit off what we sell . BUT seeing people wear Give Team gear on social media and at events motivates our guys knowing other people are aligned with their mission to build a strong community. 
  5. Guest Coach: We welcome anyone to join us for a workout, or just watch a workout. If you're qualified, we'll even let you LEAD a workout. The only requirement for a GUEST COACH is you have to share a story of a challenge you've overcome, how you overcame it, and how it changed you.
  6. Events: We run our events as a team, and we welcome people of ALL fitness levels to join us. Contact Coach Mason at 407.920.3674 or or on Instagram @thegiveteam to coordinate. 
  7. Social Media: Encouraging our team members online is another way to "give" that reinforces to our guys that people are watching.

If you have other ideas, feel free to reach out to Coach Mason to brainstorm how you can BE STRONG and GIVE MORE! Thank you for following us!

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