What is The Give Team?

What is The Give Team?

The Give Team is an obstacle course and endurance event team based in the Parramore neighborhood of Orlando, Florida with a core mission to build a strong community. Parramore is a neighborhood once named among America's most dangerous and a place of high poverty, high unemployment, high crime and where many say hope goes to die. But not with members of The Give Team. Inspiring people around the world via social media with their efforts and accomplishments seen since its inception in 2015, Give Team members have participated in dozens of obstacle course races (including Spartan, Driven Race Series and Hildervat) and several GoRuck events. The team has also gained recognition for off-the-wall accomplishments, such as completing 4,001 burpees in 24 hours after being challenged by Spartan CEO Joe DeSena, and marching 54 miles from Selma to Montgomery tracing the steps taken by of Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights activists in 1965 after being challenged by GoRuck co-founder Emily McCarthy. What took the activists 5 days and 4 nights to complete took one team member and his coach 27 hours. To sum it up, The Give Team knows you get stronger by doing hard things. It's impossible to know your limits if you don't try to push yourself past them.

But the focus of The Give Team Program isn't just on events. The Give Team Program is also made up of a curriculum bult around goal achievement and business-based leadership principles and concepts rooted in Stoic philosophy. To earn a spot to an event, Give Team members must first attend workouts typically held at 7:30am on Saturday morning at New Image Youth Center in Orlando. With a combination of hard work and compassion, team members understand the importance of working together. Since our mission is to build a strong community, we all need to appreciate the fact we're far stronger together than we are apart.

The team mottos is "No matter how little you have, you ALWAYS have something to give." If you don't have money, give time. If you're too busy, give effort. If you're too tired, give a compliment, give a smile, give a hug, give love. But keep giving, because that's how you get strong. BE STRONG! GIVE MORE!

Another key team motto is "Life is a team sport. DRAFT ACCORDINGLY!" We're far stronger together than we are apart. If there's someone in your circle who isn't helping you achieve your goals, you need to kick them off your team. Conversely, accelerate the time it takes to achieve your goal by seeking out those who will support you and can help provide guidance .In addition, when you're dealing with something difficult, don't hesitate to rely on your teammates to help. Conversely, be there for your teammates when they need a hand.

As we relaunch our store and our BLOG, we look forward to engaging with others in our community, a community which extends beyond Orlando and around the world. Let's find ways to build strength together by giving more. 

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