The Give Team 15

The Give Team 15



The Give Team 15 is the warm-up for Give Team workouts. It's a series of 15 exercises performed for 45 seconds followed by a 15 second rest. The beauty of The Give Team 15 is it can be tailored to suit your needs.

Ideally it is performed for METABOLIC CONDITIONING, where you perform as many reps as possible during the 45 second period.

The Give Team 15 can also be used as a STRENGTH TRAINING tool by adding a weight vest, sandbag or weighted ruck.

Lastly, The Give Team 15 can be used as a MOBILITY TOOL, where each exercise is performed intentionally and slowly, working deeply into each movement.

The most IMPORTANT part of The Give Team 15 is CONSISTENCY. During #THEGIVETEAM15 Challenge in June, team members are expected to perform The Give Team 15 EVERY DAY.

  1. Deep Squat: Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart, toes pointing forward. Throw your hips back while you lower yourself down, engaging your core, bending your knees, keeping your weight on your heels (don't raise up on your toes), extending hands forward if you need for balance. Then explode up from your heels, tightening your glutes at the top. DROP DEEP.
  2. Skater Lunges: From a standing position with feet shoulder-width apart, slowly step your left leg back diagonally behind your right leg. Lower into a lunge until your knee almost touches the floor. Launch / hop laterally onto the left leg, swinging the right leg behind your left and lowering into the lunge. ALTERNATIVE: When you get tired, ​​​don't STOP, and don't HOP, just step back and forth.
  3. Lunge Jumps: From a standing position, step forward with your left leg keeping weight on your heel while you lower down until your right knee nearly touches the ground, then HOP UP and switch legs with your right leg stepping forward. ALTERNATIVE: Regular lunges.
  4. 1-Leg Bridge Kicks: Sitting on the ground, raise yourself so you're in a table position, with arms straight, feet flat on the ground, and core tight. Kick your left leg straight out, then push off with your right leg kicking the right foot out. Try to keep your butt high. ALTERNATIVE: Hold a crab plank where you tighten core with both feet on the ground, and squeeeeeeeze glutes.
  5. Squat Jumps: Same as Deep Squat, except push off your heels and launch into the air, reaching high. Keep weight on heels as you lower. ALTERNATIVE: Regular squat.
  6. Arm Extender / Chain Breaker: Bend arms 90 degrees and hold parallel to ground. Keeping arms bent, reach back with elbows as if you're trying to touch elbows behind your back and feel the squeeze, then extend in front so hands touch, then repeat.
  7. Dips: Use a bench or chair or coffee table or bumper of a car. Or a dip bar, if you have access to one. Hold your body up with straightened arms, hands on bench. Lower body with arms bending elbows so they're close to you're body until they're bent 90 degrees, then straighten arms. Make it more difficult by EXPLODING up.
  8. Push Ups: Hands under shoulders, keep core tight and elbows close to body, lowering until chin touches the ground. If chin or chest don't touch, it doesn't count. Then raise body. KEEP BACK FLAT - don't dip hips or raise hips. ALTERNATIVE: Go to knees. DO NOT QUIT. Worst case would be to hold a plank position.
  9. Pike Push Ups: Same as push ups, except bring hands closer to feet, hips raised in the air. Lower head between hands. Hold shoulders solid. ALTERNATIVE: Hold firmly as an A-frame plank / downward dog. Squeeze shoulders.
  10. Standing Bicycle Crunch: Standing with hands behind head, raise left knee while lowering head to touch right elbow to the knee. Keep core tight, including the glute of your planted foot. Lower leg and stand straight, raising opposite leg to opposite elbow. KEEP CORE TIGHT.
  11. 1-Arm V-Ups: Laying flat on the ground with hands over head, hold feet 6 inches off the ground, raise your upper body off the ground reaching with your right arm straight while you raise your left leg, and touch your left toes, lower (don't let foot touch the ground), then repeat with the opposite leg and hand. KEEP CORE TIGHT. (video example shows both arms). ALTERNATIVE: Lay back with leg extended, back flat on ground and feet 6" off the ground. THE GROUND IS LAVA - feet don't touch.
  12. Russian Twist: Sit on the ground with feet flat, then raise feet 6" off the ground, keeping core tight, knees together, holding hands together, twist core until your right hand touches the ground next to your left hip, then rotate to the other side touching your left hand next to your right hip. THE GROUND IS LAVA - feet don't touch - and knees stay together. ALTERNATIVE: Sit with feet off ground.
  13. Mountain Climber: Plank position on your hands, back flat and core tight, pull left knee toward your chest (do not touch left foot to ground), then replace left foot, pulling right knee toward chest, and alternate.
  14. Ranger Crawl / Spiderman Plank: Plank position on hands (or you can hold on elbows, as on video), with hands under shoulders, core contracted, raise right knee laterally and bring it to right elbow, then replace leg on ground. Repeat with the left knee to the left elbow.
  15. Burpees: Yeah. That's right. The only time you're happy to do burpees is during #thegiveteam15 because IT'S THE LAST EXERCISE. Standing, drop to the ground with your chest touching the ground, then push up with hands, use core to jump feet close to the hands, and jump from heels with hands overhead, clapping at the top, then repeat.

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