2023 Schedule of Events

The Give Team 2023 Schedule of Events

During the summer of 2023, The Give Team will host workouts on Saturdays at 7am at New Image Youth Center. We welcome GUESTS. Please confirm with Coach Mason to ensure we don't have other plans on the date you want to participate.

The Give Team will also be continuing the PERIOD: ZERO program through the summer. PERIOD: ZERO is for those who want to be ready for when the day starts by doing something hard. The focus will be on building toughness so everyone will be ready for when the school year starts in August. 


JUNE 1-30: The Stacking Bricks Challenge. Every member of The Give Team is challenged to do THE GIVE TEAM 15 every day before 9am. EVERY GIVE TEMA MEMBER who is able to complete the workout AND send proof (pictures / videos) to Coach Mason BEFORE 9AM will earn $100!

The rest of The Give Team community will be able to sign up and participate beginning June 15th. Everyone who signs up and donates $15 will earn a GIVE TEAM PATCH.

Events over the summer of 2023 will be determined by the success of our fundraising efforts with tentative plans involving at least one beach workout, a trip to GORUCK HQ, and a college tour to Alabama. the events we can participate in during the summer and fall seasons.


  • Coach Mason

    Good morning, Mia. I’m just now seeing this comment. We’ll start up our fall season on Saturday, September 2nd at 7:30am. Since it’s not as brutally hot, we’re bumping out 30 minutes.

  • Mia Laudato

    Hi, are you still doing 7 am Saturday work outs in August

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